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Welcome to my website!! Here you can find out about my work as an Actor/Singer, Teacher and Director. Check out the photo gallery and media clips to see a history of my work. If you want information about my partnership with Loopers Unlimited, the top ADR/Loop group in NY, check out  Enjoy!

What I'm up to

Loopers Unlimited Update


As we prepare for the final season of Boardwalk Empire, we are proud of our work on the HBO hit, True Detective, Blue Bloods, Nurse Jackie, The Michael J Fox Show and the new Cinemax series, The Knick. We are also very proud of our work on the upcoming Disney film, Into The Woods, St. Vincent De Van Nuys, Jon Stewart’s Rosewater and Woody Allan’s Magic In The Moonlight .  As well as past films, the Oscar winning Gravity, The Wolf of Wall Street and Lee Daniels The Butler.